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For enterprise data centers clients True North Data Solutions enables companies & investors to achieve efficiency and optimized outputs from their high Performance Computing Systems


Grid Connected

True North Data Solutions integrates data centers to electrical grids in various jurisdictions. Our engineers interface with various wires owners to complete all technical requirements and engineering required to safely and reliably tie into an electrical grid.

Grid connected power enables the use of various forms of electrical generation including renewables such as wind and solar.

Power Generation

True North Data Solutions works with a wide network of specialized equipment suppliers to provide solutions to the captive energy market. On site generation can be efficiently achieved through the deployment of mobile generations units which can be easily demobilized as well. This mobilization strategy reduces capital infrastructure and remediation cost.

Independent power production provides fast tracked opportunities with a lower regulatory burden to traditional grid connected systems.

Countries On
2 Continents
673 MW


Air Cooled Data Centers

Traditional Air Cooled data center designs vary and so does their reliability. Air flow, air change frequency, and ambient conditions are major factors that influence an air cooled system’s reliability and functionality. In these systems, proper air filtration, air flow management, and smart ventilation automation greatly increases uptime, reliability, and hardware life spans.

True North Data Solutions Delivers Air Cooled data center buildings custom engineered for end use conditions and geographies. It’s not one size fits all in this case, environmental factors such as air temperature variances have great influence over the functionality of a data center. These factors are evaluated as design inputs and data centers are designed and constructed with these specific site conditions in mind.

Liquid Immersion Data Centers

As high density computing intensifies, effective heat dissipation, and hardware wear and tear present as major factors affecting datacenter performance and integrity. The introduction of liquid immersion cooling has made high density heat dissipation possible and eliminated server damage from debris and heat sink clogging resulting from unfiltered air cooling environments.

True North Data Solutions designs and sizes liquid immersion computing  systems for various environments, servers, and geographies. Material and equipment selection is based on project priorities, timelines, and budgets.True North Data Solutions’ designs and project executions teams focus on delivering cost effective, competitive, and reliable systems in the high density computing space.



True North Data Solutions works with various top tier manufacturers to integrate server hardware with our infrastructure for fully optimized operational solutions. With the development of a standardized 19” liquid immersion server, integrated circuits are fit to optimize space and heat dissipation in liquid immersion cooling.

Proprietary smart True North Data Solutions designed PDUs enable full remote control and automation through established SCADA systems. The result is to achieve remote data center monitoring, control , and operations. PDUs are designed and built to North American specifications and safety standards and carry North American certification.


Higher performance computing is achieved through True North Data Solutions customized firmware and True North Liquid Immersion systems applied together. True North Data Solutions employs complete systems to maximize computing. True North Data Solutions has developed facility management tools for remote monitoring and data center operations. These tools monitor hardware asset performance and provide granular visibility to server performance.

Infrastructure monitoring, trending, and automation is also deployed to our data centers bringing visibility to our data center environments and ensuring compliant ambient conditions in our data centers. This type of monitoring is achieved through True North Data Solutions designed and built control systems, programming, and SCADA. Our data centers are engineered by seasoned professionals fully licensed and experienced in their practice discipline.

We host hardware in our facilities using our software and hardware solutions.